What is rugby


The ten basic rules of rugby

  1. The players may run with the ball in hand. Speed and agility are your weapons.
  2. The ball may be passed backwards. The oval shape of the ball requires a coorect passing technique.
  3. The player carrying the ball may be tackled. This can only be done with the arms.
  4. Minor fouls such as dropping the ball or a forward pass are penalised by a scrum to the opposing team. In the scrum are the 8 forwards. The two groups of eight players compete for the ball, which is put in in the middle of the scrum.
  5. When the ball goes out of play, into touch, a line-out is formed. The ball is thrown in between two lines of players.
  6. Serious fouls such as talking to the referee of being off-side are penelised with a penalty. The opposing team has to back-up 10 metres. If you are near the posts, you can try and kick the ball. A successful kick is worth 3 points.
  7. Off-side: stay behind the ball to prevent being off-side.
  8. Not only in tackling is concat made. In a maul you run into a player and wait for your buddy to come and hold onto you. If the ball is on the ground in this situation, a ruck is formed.
  9. You may kick the ball. This can be useful when you are defending, but of course it means handing the ball to the opposition.
  10. Treat your opponent and the referee with respect